Just a note to writers…

Just a note to writers -- if an editor says they'll get back to you by a certain date, and then they don't, give them at least 2-3 days more before querying further. They may have had e-mail problems, or been on the road, or been sick. Or all three at once. And when they're in that situation (like me) and get a dozen queries as soon as they manage to get back to e-mail again, it's just disheartening and exhausting.

I'm back home (which is good) and somewhat overwhelmed with stuff to get done (not so good). Blowfish anthology stuff, applying for jobs stuff (both of which need to be finished by tomorrow), cookbook stuff (which it would be good to do tomorrow), and then there's packing for Kirstie's wedding, which I fly out to at 6 a.m. on Friday. I'll be back late Sunday night. It was a good weekend; productive fun workshop, and had a nice time visiting my folks afterwards. But oh, tired. Going to go see if I can get Kevin to put down his math and curl up with me in front of the tv for a bit before I go back to work.

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  1. There are several anthologies with deadlines today – it provides an incentive for people to check whether something’s available to send elsewhere. But it’s still a bit hard on Mary Anne:-( A couple of days’ slippage on a date only two weeks after the deadline is not exactly unreasonable, especially given that a couple of *weeks* slippage would still make it a fairly fast response time.

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