I’ve been editing my…

I've been editing my cookbook this morning -- it's amazing how non-standard my measurements are throughout! I'm trying to make them more consistent, but at some point, I'm just going to need someone to go through and proof them all, I think. (David? Got an hour or two to spare?) I should also go through at some point and try to estimate number of servings and total time to prepare for each recipe -- that's going to take some work!

On the plus side, my recipe testers seem to mostly like what they've cooked so far -- no one has hated or even disliked any of the recipes, and some of them have gotten fairly glowing reviews. Yay!

I'm waiting for my mom to wake up (she's kind of an night owl) and give me a call now; we're going on a Chicago architectural boat tour at 2, and I thought I might take her by the Art Institute beforehand if we have time. Or we might just go out for lunch. Afterwards I'll drop her back at my sister's, and then come home to do some more work -- need to prep for the SH workshop in New Jersey. Eep! It's Tuesday! I leave insanely early Thursday morning! Which means I have to do everything that's left tomorrow! Eep eep eep!!!

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