In other news, dinner…

In other news, dinner went well (yay!). Everyone was on best behavior, and while both Kevin and my mother were fairly quiet (for them, which means that Kev was almost silent and my mom only broke into chattering spates occasionally), they seemed to have a decent time. No acrimonious arguments broke out. And we even made tentative plans for Kevin coming to my parents' house for Thanksgiving. Eep.

Today we meet mom and sister for brunch (possibly accompanied by Karen, who crashed at our place last night after coming down to the city for another event) at Toast. Then Kev and I come back here to work while they toddle around the city.

Now I'm just waiting for Karen to wake up. Wake up, Karen, wake up! Maybe if I go eat some leftover curry, that'll wake her up. The sound of all the curry being eaten, leaving none for you -- surely that's a sound to drag you from sleep, with wailing and gnashing of teeth.

2 thoughts on “In other news, dinner…”

  1. See, if you’d just peeked your head in the door to check on me, you would’ve seen that I was actually up already, sitting in your bathtub reading the New Yorker…

  2. Well, but I can tell from the window that the light in the room hadn’t been turned on; that generally serves as sufficient indicator whether my guests are up. Ah well. Some guests are sneakier than others.

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