Sorry to just disappear…

Sorry to just disappear for a bit there. Some personal stuff, which has all sorted itself out pretty well, I think, but which took some concentrating on. Followed by going up to Roshani's place in Milwaukee for a few days, to help her unpack books and china, rearrange furniture, buy rose plants -- that sort of thing. Very nice. I read Blowfish subs during the day while she was at work at the hospital, and then helped her in the late afternoons, evenings.

The main excitement here is that my mother's coming to town; she's arriving tonight and staying (with my sister) for five days. She'll be over here for at least a few meals, and I'll be showing her around Chicago during the days. It'll be nice to see her, but to be honest, a little nerve-wracking too -- this is the first time she and Kevin have met up in about ten years. It's not so easy, the whole white-boy-I-live-with-but-haven't-married thing. I suspect everyone will be on their best behavior, so it should at least be polite. But we're hoping for actually relaxed and comfortable, after a day or two. We'l see...if nothing else, it'll serve as a dry run for Thanksgiving, where, yes, I'll be taking Kevin home to join my family for the holiday. Eep. That's the plan, at any rate, unless one of us chickens out before then.

Right now, I have bathrooms to scrub. :-)

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  1. Heh, my mom just got in town and is staying with my sister — for 10 days, not five. We’re taking her to Golden Gate Park, and we’ll do a few meals with her, too.

    Good luck with your mom’s visit, though; mine isn’t nearly as tricky to deal with; she LOVES Tim.

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