This one’s for Zak –…

This one's for Zak -- Zak, I'm not sure if your e-mail is back up and running again. I have an order for another one of my CD's, and I'm out of inserts. I could go to Kinko's and print up some more, but I'm thinking that I'd like to automate all this and do it through Cafe Press. Less profit per item, but far easier to cope with. We could also give people the option of buying a version sans jewel case, saving them $4 or so each. What do you think? I might need to ask you to upload the graphics? The details on their CD's are here.

I'm also a little unclear on sending them the master they ask for -- does that just mean I burn a copy onto a disk and label it master and send it to them? I'm easily muddled by these things.

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  1. My e-mail is sorta, kinda up and running — it’s fairly unreliable though, so this is the best way of getting my attention (I’m in the process of moving my website to another service provider, and then all these problems will go away).

    I can prep that stuff up easily, and uploading won’t be a problem so long as I don’t need to do it from my website, where space is currently extremely tight.

    This looks to me to be a fairly significantly better way of going about it, especially considering that it’s recently been demonstrated that CD-R media has really crappy longevity.

  2. Duh. My brain is clearly broken. Yeah, the ‘Master CD’ just means they want you to burn a copy and send it to them. They’ll make exact duplicates and mass-produce them (or sorta mass produce them, however Cafe Press does it). So if your burning software can support things like track titles (which is technically a part of the standard for audio CDs), be sure and use it.

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