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I spent a little time this morning thinking about the academic job search, poking around on the Chronicle of Higher Education website. No jobs in either Chicago or California right now that I'm particularly well suited for. The main job openings come out September 19th, when the MLA posts their list. We'll see if things improve then. The current plan (which may change at any point), is to do a limited job search this fall, just applying for a few jobs I'd actually like in places I'd actually like to be. If I get interviews, great! If not, then next year I do the full-on job search.

It's not so easy, doing all this in isolation from my department. I'm not entirely sure what I should be doing at this point in preparation for the search. Asking my committee for letters, okay. Sending them prepared envelopes so they can send those to the Career Center on campus. First opening a file at the Career Center. That's straightforward enough.

I do have a CV prepared, but I'm not entirely sure if I have the right stuff on it. It's very comprehensive right now -- it's got all my convention readings, all the radio stuff I did for Torn Shapes, and the bulk of my publications, which of course include a fair bit of erotica. I'm not sure if all that is relevant to a Creative Writing / English teaching position. I mean, it's publication, right? I think what I really want is someone experienced who can glance at my CV and tell me if there's anything there I ought to cut, stuff that'll be more likely to prejudice academics against me than make them want to hire me.

Aside from that, I'm not sure what else I need. Statements of some kind? Teaching statement? Creative project statement? Practice syllabi? I can call up Paul and ask, but I feel a little odd doing so -- in some sense, we're in competition right now, both going on the market and applying probably for at least some of the same jobs. Of course, it's silly to feel bad; I know he'd want to help. But I'd rather pester someone else, if possible. Advice?

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  1. Mary Anne-
    I reccommend the career talk column on the chronicle site – job section. This months column deals with some of your questions as do many past columns. I found the CV Doctor columns very helpful. I also reccommend Ms.Mentors book. Personally, I would have a teaching statement, a research agenda, abstract (or in your case since its unfinished, description) of your dissertation and some quotes from positive student evaluations as well as your CV. Having a few sample syllabbi prepared was also helpful. (and of course, a writing sample)

  2. Thanks, Andrea! Hmm…I’m not sure I can access my teaching evaluations without going to Utah, but I should be able to do the rest from here. It helps to have a checklist!

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