It’s funny — I wasn’t…

It's funny -- I wasn't really expecting today's date to affect me.

Mostly it hasn't...but this evening I did end up watching the re-run West Wing 9/11 episode, and I found myself saying to Kevin that I was glad he wasn't in New York that day, as Alex was. I called Alex that morning, while watching the news, trying to decide how to talk to my students about it in class. I was stunned, on the edge of tears for hours, shocky. I didn't really think anything had happened to Alex...but he did work downtown somewhere. It was possible. As it turned out, his office building was blocks away. But he sometimes had meeting in the towers; he could have easily been there.

All of mine were safe that day, that night. I know people who lost people. If any of them are reading this -- I don't know if it does any good at all, to know that I'm sad for you tonight. But whether it helps or not, there it is.

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