So, y’all know that…

So, y'all know that my fellowship for this year was cancelled, due to the fund running out of money (bad market! no biscuit!). I haven't been able to find any composition classes for this semester in Chicago -- in fact, the professors haven't even returned my phone calls asking if they might be hiring (big meanies). So I need to make some money -- Kev's being very sweet with supporting me a fair bit. But I have debts to pay that I'd much rather pay myself, and student loans may be kicking in again soon...which means that I do need to earn some cash.

Hence the Blowfish anthology, which will bring in a small chunk, and the book projects, which will bring in some more, here and there, and for Christmas, I'll probably be making some more art and trying to sell it. Watch carefully, as I desperately try to avoid taking a real job.

All of which leads me to remind all the art-lovers among you that I have some art available now -- some you may have seen before, and some are new pieces that I put together for WisCon and am only now putting up photos of -- art for "Creation of the City", "flowers and branches", "Still Lacking Answers", and "the bones want to fly".

And, of course, I'm always happy to consider commissions as well. Just think how virtuous you'll feel, if you start doing your Christmas shopping now. :-)

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