Delighted to announce…

Delighted to announce that Ben Rosenbaum's Other Cities is now available as a chapbook from Small Beer Press. Yay! Several of the pieces were originally published at Strange Horizons, and Ben's written a few additional pieces for the new book. Plus there are new illustrations! Plus a quarter of the profits go to a very cool charity. Go, Ben!

2 thoughts on “Delighted to announce…”

  1. More specifically, the chapbook includes the twelve that we published, one other city that was part of the set but that we didn’t publish (heretofore unpublished, I think), and “The White City,” which was published in the online short-short story magazine Vestal Review.

  2. Thanks for the plug, Mary Anne! Yep, “The City of Peace” is previously unpublished…

    Glad you like the Grameen angle. It’s a quarter of revenues, not profits. Which will still not end up being very much, this being a chapbook and all, but it’s nice to think of the Cities beign transmuted into startup capital for village cell phone centers or a cow or something.

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