Productive morning. …

Productive morning. Kevin wanted to buy some coffee at Intelligentsia downtown, so once I was up and dressed (he'd been up all night), we toddled off downtown. Stopped at the Tuesday farmer's market at Jackson and Dearborn, picked up some Thai chilies to replenish my dwindling stock, a few pieces of Japanese bamboo (because my kitchen seemed rather bereft of plants) and some lovely big herbs to replace the ones that didn't survive all my travelling. I did have a friend coming by and watering every few days, but the smaller plants didn't do so well without daily care. It's not so easy, having a mess of growing plants without a backyard or a balcony or even an outside windowbox, but we manage somehow. Mostly by paying lots and lots of attention to them.

Eventually we tore ourselves away from the delights of the market (masses of interesting vegetables and fruit) and went to the cafe, where we split a cranberry muffin (low-fat, because I'm recovering from two months of indulgent travel food) and tried to work. Kevin gave up after a while -- too tired, despite his espresso -- and went off to find a fluffy fantasy novel at Borders. I stayed and managed to finish reviewing the Oregon workshop crits, preparatory to sending them off (only a week late) and read most of the Blowfish subs I had from before WorldCon. A few more great ones in there -- lots of competent ones which I will hopefully get to decline, depending on what else comes in in the next few weeks. We progress.

Lots more to do today, so off I go for lunch, followed by more work. It's so very very nice to be home.

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