Hanging in there. Got…

Hanging in there. Got city sticker, made sure I didn't actually need Swiss visa (I'd been having bad dreams of getting to Zurich and not being let out of the airport), got good bra (an essential for any trip abroad :-), got more hair goop. Staggered home, called Angeli to let her know needed car to actually put sticker on it. She's on her way over. Fell asleep for half on hour, woke up feeling absolutely terrible. But moved around a little, had some tea, back to mostly okay now. She'll be here shortly, we'll put the sticker on the car, and I can then cross that off the damn list. And then a quick errand to buy some lumber for Kevin's mystery birthday present (Kevin, if you're reading this, go away! (though if you can figure out what you're getting from just 'lumber', I'll be impressed)), followed by coming back here and possibly collapsing. Or maybe designing a book. Or maybe filing Blowfish subs. I'm playing it hour to hour at this point.

I'm also changing clothes a lot, trying to decide what I want to pack for Europe. The temperature in Zurich is about the same as Chicago; London appears to be 5-10 degrees cooler. The dress I wore this morning definitely isn't going -- it's one of my basic travel dresses because it's rayon and doesn't wrinkle, but it's just not breathable enough for hot weather. The new plan is all cotton, all the time, I think, and Kirsten and Kevin can just live with my wrinkles. Usually I do try to look nice when actually travelling; it seems to get me better service in airports and you never know when you're going to need to throw yourself on the mercy of a kindly, merciful ticketing agent. ("Are you sure you need to bump me off this flight? And if so, isn't there some other flight going to the same place, on some other airline maybe? Possibly even getting there sooner? There is? And you can just put me right on it? Why, thank you! Thank you very much!!!")

Right now I'm in white button down tank top, pretty damn short olive green shorts, white sandals. Comfortable, summery. Good for getting helpful advice from manly men at the lumberyard. A little skimpier than I'd want to wear for an actual plane flight, but might do very nicely for wandering around Zurich. I've been asked to not pack too many clothes, so that I can bring Kevin a few extra pieces of clothing, and so he can send some books home with me. I can give up a few changes of clothing, I suppose. See what a nice girlfriend I am? :-)

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