I didn’t realize the…

I didn't realize the Leviathan 4 deadline was tomorrow. I had vaguely planned to go join Daniel for a Pride Party with a whole bunch of people I don't know (which, I admit, I was feeling slightly sketchy about dealing with anyway), but I could just stay home and write a story instead. I don't think I can plausibly do both, and if I stay home, I can clean up and get a head start on cooking for my houseguests coming on Wednesday. (Really, for the picnic on Thursday; if I make something like curry buns, I can freeze them and not have to worry about it then, when I expect things to be rather hectic -- it maybe wasn't so wise of me to decide to fly out early Friday, though it does let me attend Kam's party).

(Carol, did you get a chance to stop by the cemetery? I suppose I can just make up the details instead...or look at that gravestone site)

You know I'd much rather write the story, don't you? I think Pride is going to have to be proud without me this year...

And of course, there's that big pile of paperwork to file...

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  1. (posting on July 2 – late)

    No. And I’m so sorry. Doesn’t look like I’ll make it, I leave Friday and I’m falling apart trying to get everything done. Don’t even mention the four hours I’ve already spent trying to fix payroll’s mistake on my final paycheck, or the fact that I have another appt. in the a.m. to finalize getting my money. sigh. I’m really sorry.

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