3 thoughts on “Take the Jokku Gender…”

  1. So, I am also currently eperu, but was born anadi. Also born female and would be a caretaker among the Jokka.

    ( I have never heard of this set of stories before, but your
    post caught my interest.)

  2. “You are elithik anadi: You are currently female and were just male. You were born neuter. […] You are probably a kaña.”

    Two intriguing things hidden in here…

    “Your Jokku male gender score is : 29.
    “Your Jokku neuter gender score is : 39.
    “Your Jokku female gender score is : 40.”

    The gender I have “just been” is the one with the lowest score, implying that among the Jokka, one tends to swing away from one’s former gender after a transition but also retains traits from one’s birth gender.

    And from the Lexicon page:

    kaña [ KAHN yah ], (noun) — A title within a House: the most valuable/saleable female therein. The ‘prize’ who will gain the House the most money in contracts. There can only be one of these at a time, though often the title will be traded back and forth as the worth of each female varies.


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