1065 words so far today,…

1065 words so far today, and they came easily; good to have scenes plotted in advance. One more tiny chunk will take us to the end of chapter 4, where something troubling and dramatic happens. I love troubling and dramatic. :-)

...from Chapter 4

Kate's eyes were wide as she stared at the open velvet boxes scattered across Swati's bed. Massive, heavy gold shone up at her, some solid, some studdied with gems; rubies, diamonds, sapphires, emeralds. No lesser stones. And the gold was darker, more lustrous than any gold she'd seen before.

"What is this stuff?" There had been many more boxes in Swati's mother's closet -- Kate had only taken the ones that Swati had told her to bring.

"My dowry, I suppose." Swati picked up a slender rope of triply braided gold and let it pour through her hands, her eyes distant, dreamy.

Kate looked up from the jewelry, startled. "I thought your parents weren't planning on marrying you off."


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  1. This is terrible, just four paragraphs and already I can’t wait to read what comes next… it’s just not fair.


    You’re doing good Mary Anne.

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