It’s pounding down rain…

It's pounding down rain today, just sheets and sheets of it. I just got back from a trip to the grocery store (in Karen's car, for reasons which are probably both too complex and too dull to go into), and the back of my neck is wet, as are my toes. It's warm out, despite the rain, a little muggy. My plants are thriving.

Me -- it's a little less clear. You know how I said Kev and I needed to talk for a day or two? Well, I figured that would be enough to make things clear, one way or the other. Instead, we talked for much of a week, and everything I thought was clear beforehand is now muddled (okay, not everything, not the really important thing, but all the somewhat important things), and now he's gone off to Utah for a week to do math stuff, and we're going to talk some more on the phone, and probably some more when he gets back. Talk talk talk. Hopefully something good will come of it all.

In twenty minutes or so, my sisters will be here. Sharmi is staying 'til the 12th, to help Mirna get settled. I'm going to go put away the groceries and make dinner. That'll be nice.

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