Okie, so don’t take this…

Okie, so don't take this to mean anything actually conclusive about me and Kevin (conclusive? us? hah!), but it's possible that I might go visit him in Zurich this summer (he'll be there for two months, doing math). And if I'm going to Europe anyway, then Kirsten will kill me if I don't visit her in England. And it's much cheaper to fly to London than to Zurich. Which makes me wonder -- what's the best way to get to Zurich from London? Cheap is good, not-a-bus is good. I've sent mail to the only Swiss I know, Mr. Rosenbaum, but if y'all have any info on this, please do tell.

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  1. Disclaimer: I know nothing specifically about London-Zurich travel. I’ve read in a couple of places, most recently on Rick Steves‘ website, that you can often get extrememly cheap airfares for flights within Europe. Cheaper and faster than the train, but not necessarily more enjoyable, depending on how you want to spend your time. I’m hoping to take a 2-month trip to Europe in a couple of years, and I’m torn between wanting to take the train and the efficiency of these flights…

  2. I have to concur. I lived in Wales for almost 4 years, and was amazed at how cheap flights w/in Europe are. We once got flights from Stanstead Airport to Pisa, Italy, for about 100 (~$150) apiece.

    The trains aren’t particularly cheap, really.

  3. Mary Anne, you may want to check out Easy and RyanAir which are two discount airlines with a lot of flights from England to the rest of Europe, some as low as 39 pounds (one way).

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