I was thinking a little…

I was thinking a little about the response structure of the comments here. I love getting comments organized by entry -- I find it helpful in keeping track of what's going on. But I know that sometimes y'all want to talk to me (and/or each other) about things that aren't particularly connected to any particular entry. I'd be happy to add a general comments page to the 'most recent entries' page, that was just for chatter from y'all. Does that sound like a good idea? Would anyone use it? There's nothing sadder than an unused forum...

14 thoughts on “I was thinking a little…”

  1. David Be;llamy

    That would be cool. Whether I would use it or not, I do not know. I DID post a “hidden” comment on a much earlier date a while back which I suspect no one has found.

    (I thought it was amusing that one could post comments on entries from before the comment system existed.)

  2. I don’t think that you necessarily need a ‘topicless’ thread for general conversation, but it might be nifty to have a page with links to the most-recently-altered comments pages.

  3. Oh, we planned to do that, Dan. Maybe the next time I talk to Jed about it, we can implement both of those, and then see how they do….

  4. Sorry? There is no freedom of speech in my personal pages, I’m afraid — it’s entirely freedom of Mary Anne.

    But that said, I don’t think I’ve deleted any postings aside from an occasional blank one that’s obviously a mistake. Perhaps you’re thinking of some other site?

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