Feeling somewhat better;…

Feeling somewhat better; oddly enough, cooking seems to help. I have a dark pork curry simmering on the stove, and I've just finished chopping a mess of green peppers that we needed to finish off. I'm trying to decide whether to do a basic veg. curry with them (turmeric and salt, pretty much), or try something interesting. I picked up some sweet hot African peppers at the store; they're somewhat pickled, and I'm just not sure that mixing them in which regular peppers and onions will turn into a curry. But I think I'm going to try anyway -- if it utterly fails, well, we can do without a vegetable tonight. Heck, we do without a vegetable most nights. I'm not very good about eating my veggies. Not that I dislike them -- it's just that for two people, it's hard to motivate to cook more food than is absolutely necessary. I take a multivitamin every day -- that's good enough, right? :-)

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  1. yay! horray! This is probably not the most appropriate forum but it is the one I’m using. I finshed my chapbook. the first even. I’m thrilled beyond believe. it’s a 60 page ordeal, about 40 pages of actual poetry. I’m thrilled. I wish I had an online copy to show ya’ll but sadly, that’s not up yet. for now, I’ll leave you with the title poem:

    An Inner Course

    There are always two ways about it. We love
    each other with the pointed spade, always
    digging in, hitting the source of pain and twisting.
    We scratch a path across the desert
    and camp there. Communion is a bullet
    in the shape of her face, the sharing of insults
    and cigarettes, a bed later, after the night.

    who wants more?

  2. Congrats! Are you going to be sending this out for publication? I don’t know much about the poetry chapbook process…

  3. yeah, I’d like to send it out for publication, but I’m not sure about the actual process either. I need to do some research. Much like any other publication, I think you send out a proposal of the book along with a few pages of text. then if the publisher is interested, you send the manuscript. If anyone knows more, or has gone through the process, I’d love to hear the details.

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