Stopped by Amazon to…

Stopped by Amazon to check on Kathryn -- one very nice review from a Chicagoan (Shannon, was that you?), and one very negative review from a San Franciscan (Dan, that better not be you. :-) Ah well -- at least the rating is averaging at 3 stars now instead of one. It's amazing how much difference it makes to me to have positive reviews -- I have a much easier time shrugging off the negative ones once I know that at least *someone* liked the book.

This morning, domain renewal difficulties, in the process of being sorted out, accompanied by tea and almond-pear bread (I baked yesterday; I love putting aging fruit to good use). Also some dishes and laundry. I think I'm actually going to spend the next forty-five minutes or so thinking about my YA novel; Heather's invited me to continue writing with her through June, and since I promised I'd get Sharyn those first three chapters, I'd really better write them. :-)

After that, I'll head up to Milwaukee with Roshani; I'm helping her look at houses again today. Mostly baby-minding while she looks and decides, I think. Fun with such a good baby as Zoe. I've been very productive in finishing off old errands and such (I *finally* closed my Utah bank account yesterday), so I think taking today off won't be so bad. And if I do a little review of the YA now, I can think about it more while driving...

6 thoughts on “Stopped by Amazon to…”

  1. MA, I started to write you an Amazon review, then realized that I’m already going to have to write two different reviews for work (one for the site, one more personal and/or funny for the weekly newsletter) and that I just couldn’t do three different ones. Sorry!

  2. 🙂 I forgive you, Heather. Though you could always just crop a paragraph or two out of your other reviews for Amazon… 🙂

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