Now, my mom does this…

Now, my mom does this thing -- all the women in my family do, actually. Before a big event, when there's cooking and cleaning and such to be done, they stay up really night finishing it, and then sleep in late the next day. This works really well for them; they're fresh and rested for the party, and can dance all night. I thought I'd try it -- I had a whole pile of stuff to do for WisCon, and I stayed up 'til 3:30 last night doing it. I planned to get up around 11:30. But no -- my body apparently thinks sleeping past 8:30 is a sin. Now I know, and it's not such a tragedy; I feel fine at the moment, not even groggy. And this way, I can finish off a few more art projects before I leave. But it does mean that I may be fighting some tiredness on the drive up, and that I may get sleepy early at Karen's tonight. Ah well. There's always frappucinos.

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