Jeez. I started putting…

Jeez. I started putting together my packing list for WisCon, just because things seemed to be piling up, and since I have a car, I can bring lots, but still -- just look at this:

  • bottle of wine for BU reading
  • something baked for Tiptree bake sale
  • something fancy to wear for dress-up party
  • SH t-shirts, posters, mugs, business cards
  • reserved medium t-shirt for Jennifer Pelland
  • decorated shower curtain for BU fair booth (sari fabric to back it?)
  • saris to demonstrate with (and one to wear)
  • safety pins for curtain and saris
  • roasted spices, plastic baggies, spice grinder, labelling marker, recipe slips
  • CD's of Esthely Blue and Morningsong
  • copies of AE, Wet, CYO books, Torn Shapes
  • all art to sell, fishing wire to help hang art, display tags if time
  • clothes to wear, toiletries, shoes, light jacket
  • laptop, cell phone, camera, power cords, battery charger
  • present for Jeremiah
And I'm sure there's more I'm forgetting right now. Just how much stuff can a little car hold, anyway?

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