Various and sundry…

Various and sundry little notes:

  • The really big news is that SH is looking for a new fiction editor, because after more than two great years on staff, Chris Heinemann is sadly too busy to continue. Details on our Jobs page. As always, unpaid, and working for us means you can't submit poetry, fiction, or art to the magazine. But oh, it's a lot of fun!

  • Mike Hemmingson is a classy guy. From an e-mail he recently sent me and Duncan: "Read the galleys of Classics Prof this weekend (thanks for sending) and it was indeed a pleasant read. I was happy to see the characters and basic story intact, and even a scene or two of mine still there almost verbatim! It's a fun book, a fun series, and Mary Anne has done a great job!" I'm really impressed with how gracious he can be, given that someone else has run roughshod over his story, his characters. I suspect I'd be much crankier about the whole thing if it had happened in reverse. So three cheers for Mike, who, by the way, has published quite a few more books than I have! Check them out!

  • Someone wrote in and bought one of my art pieces today -- a little handmade book of love poems. :-) And she bought an Esthely Blue CD. And she wants to commission me to do a large glass collage of Letter! Very cool -- with all that recent dental work, plus next year's fellowship getting cancelled, I can definitely use the cash. And it'll be a lot of fun to collage that poem, which I'm unreasonably fond of. So, yay!

  • There'll be a lot of art stuff in the journal in the next few weeks, I imagine, as I madly prepare pieces for WisCon. If you want any of the completed pieces, I recommend buying them before the con (Memorial Day) -- because with any luck, I won't have them after. :-) I'm not sure how the economy will affect art sales at WisCon; we'll just have to wait and see.

  • I never did get around to doing that revision yesterday -- oh well. Brain not back yet. S'okay. This morning, I'm reading a v. silly book, Tanya Huff's Long Hot Summoning. To be honest, I probably would have given up on this series by now, since it is so v. silly, if I weren't fond of the author from her other, poly, series. As an author, I'm certainly not going to complain about unreasonable readerly attachment to authors. :-)

  • At some point, Roshani and Zoe are going to come get me and we'll run around doing errands for a bit, I think. I may make it to Borders, I may not. We'll see. I'm resolutely not thinking about academic stuff at all!

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