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In good book news, got my comp copies of Erotic Travel Tales 2 in the mail, along with a check for $40 -- I love reprint sales. Money for nothing -- woohoo! This one's for "Seven Cups of Water", which Mitzi decided to reprint, bless her heart. Oddly enough, the cover of the actual book is different from the Amazon cover -- the Amazon cover has a different woman, in a different pose, and less of a soft-focus than the one I have in my hand. I like the actual cover slightly better, which is nice. Maybe Amazon will update theirs at some point. Anyway, if you're feeling like you want to travel, but can't right now, or like you want to get laid, but can't right now, or both, then you might enjoy this book. Or you might find it deeply frustrating. Hard to say. :-)

2 thoughts on “In good book news,…”

  1. Has anyone else wondered why erotic books always seem to have pictures of women on them? Or women and men, but never men alone. Even the Clean Sheets gallery is almost all women. Aren’t men erotic?

  2. Blame the photographers. Of course, it’s not entirely their fault — book publishers put photos of women on the covers because they believe that will sell books (and interestingly enough, my theory helps here, since Lacan and Irigaray will happily tell you why they think that is). But with Clean Sheets, I remember actively trying to find male figures for the gallery and it was almost impossible — for every photographer taking sexy photos of men, there were at least fifty taking them of women. Very frustrating for us!

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