No word from Yahoo. I…

No word from Yahoo. I figure they're not awake in California yet, so I'm trying not to panic. I'm still trying to guess what happened -- my best guess is that someone who doesn't like me hacked my password (admittedly, my Yahoo password was not the most secure password ever, a leftover from the old days when I didn't do anything important with that account), signed in as me, and deleted my account. I'm not sure why someone would dislike me that much, but it does seem like a straightforward explanation. Either that, or some sort of computer glitch at Yahoo.

I'm just hoping they kept copies of everything somewhere, somehow. If we have to reconstruct all the groups I ran (the SH staff mailing list, the SH contributor's list, the readmohanraj list, the grad conference list, the erotica workshop list, and a bunch of others that I can't even remember what they were right now), it's going to be a huge hassle -- and mostly, not even a hassle for me. A hassle for other people. So if someone did this on purpose, I hope they realize how many lives they've made difficult!

In other news, note Daylight Savings Time, please.

In other other news, the results of the Readers' Choice Awards have been announced at SH, and we've apparently turned into The Magazine of Tim Pratt when I wasn't looking. :-) Congrats to Tim, and to all the other winners! Huge thanks to everyone who voted! We got a nice solidly large set of votes, which pleases me muchly.

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  1. Bizarrely, at least three of my lists appear to be still functioning: majournal, shnjworkshop2002, and shorworkshop2002. No idea why — I thought they were run from the same account. Now I’m very confused.

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