Not the most fabulous…

Not the most fabulous visit to Utah so far. Had a good, productive meeting with Francois, but that was followed by some bad news from the department -- my Steffenson Canon fellowship won't be renewed for next year. They still love me -- they just ran out of money for renewals, due to crashing stock market. Ugh.

Trying not to freak out about what the consequences of all this; if I'm still living with Kevin next year, then it's not so bad -- it just means that I can't get a head start on paying off my student loans. If I'm not living with Kevin...well, then it might make sense to take a Teaching Fellowship and move back to Utah for a year. They'd pay me $10,000 to teach 2 and 1 (two classes one semester, one class the other). If I don't do that, then I'd have to find a job adjuncting or temping in Chicago or California, probably working twice as many hours to earn even that much. And cost of living is higher in both places -- rent and such. I'd need to get a roommate, or roommates.

It makes more sense to move back to Utah. I so do not want to move back to Utah. So do not. Argh.

Maybe I'll go hide in Karen's guest room for a year. Karen? Need a live-in babysitter?

(This is all premature freaking-out, obviously. I can't help myself.)

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  1. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    To clarify, because a few of you have e-mailed to ask, Kevin and I are very happy, but we weren’t sure if we would be living together next year (or long-term), because we still have some long-term differences in goals/plans, which might not mesh well. We had planned to discuss all that after my exams, and make plans for next year, etc. — I guess the timetable will have to be moved up somewhat, since the Utah people need to know by 4/15 whether I want the TF-ship.

  2. This isn’t entirely on topic, Mary Anne, but the bit where it’s supposed to tell me how many comments people have made on your posts seems to be broken — it always indicates zero. I usually prefer to e-mail comments, but I was feeling bad that nobody was ever taking advantage of your comment section, and then I discovered that people were. Is this my browser, do you think? Or…what?

  3. Oops. I had forgotten about the option of going to current.php instead of going through the list-of-recent-entries page. Fixed now. Apologies. (Thanks for pointing this out, M’ris!)

    Those who use current.php may want to look at the list-of-recent-entries page to see all the comments you’ve missed over the past couple weeks….

  4. Thanks for fixing that, Jed.

    I’m feeling a little better about all this today, though there’s still a little part of my brain saying, “They took away $12,000 from me! Out of the blue! It’s not fair!” And it’s not fair, but it’s not as if they wanted to do it, so it’s hard to work up a righteous fury about it. Just crankiness there.

    I’ll feel better once I have a chance to talk to Kevin, though. Not likely to happen today or tomorrow — all busy with conference stuff. Maybe Sunday. Probably Monday, once I get home.


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