Hugo nomination voting…

Hugo nomination voting closes tomorrow. I just voted -- here are some eligibility reminders, for those who still need to get their votes in:

SH novellettes published in 2002:

  • Anna Tambour, Klokwerk's Heart
  • Jay Lake, The Scent of Rotting Roses
  • Michael J. Jasper, Wantaviewer
SH stories -- okay, this is huge, but for a guide, you can look at our awards page, which tells you some of the ones that have been selected to appear in or listed as honorable mentions for various Year's Bests -- this is only what we know about so far, so if you know of others, feel free to add them in comments below.

SH-appearing Campbell nominees:

  • Alan DeNiro (2nd yr)
  • Gavin J. Grant (2nd yr)
  • Ruth Nestvold (2nd yr)
  • Benjamin Rosebaum (2nd yr)

  • Tim Pratt
  • Chris Barzak
  • Joel Best
  • Nick Mamatas
  • Meredith L. Patterson
Best Professional Editor: Me! But I also listed Jed and Susan and Chris, just in case. :-) Feel free to do the same, but if you need to pick one of us, we all request that you pick me.

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