David, Patrick,…

David, Patrick, blue t-shirts, balloons

Alan and Dee

Castor, Kerensa, Arthur

Kam, Kat (with frisbie-type-object as hat)

Jed juggling, after Kam has thoughtfully tied balloons to his belt, with Kat acting as maid of honor, assisting with trailing balloons

Jed and me

3 thoughts on “David, Patrick,…”

  1. Two notes:

    1. That round thing on Kat’s head is a halo rather than a hat, which explains why she’s holding her fingers like that and gazing off beatifically toward the grandeur of Heaven.

    2. I think it’s most sad that, while a certain Jed was suffering being hit in the head by a juggling club (due entirely to the malign influence of certain balloons), a certain Mary Anne was blithely snapping away with her camera like a photojournalist, rather than, say, rushing to his aid with comfort and understanding. Purest schadenfreude, that’s what I say, and it shouldn’t oughtta be allowed.

    Though perhaps that wasn’t the time that the club hit me in the head, in which case never mind.

  2. Without schadenfreude, the only universal humor we’d have left would be fart jokes, and they’re *much* harder to take pictures of!

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