Finished the Hurston –…

Finished the Hurston -- good story. Interesting the position of the part-white black woman in the culture. Amazing focus on the texture of her hair. Makes me want to go and re-read Larsen's Passing...oh, time, time. Need more time.

Started reading something quite different, James Baldwin's The Price of the Ticket, a collection of essays. So far, very readable and fascinating -- my one concern is that it is a very long book. And I had hoped to be done with the non-criticism by today....sigh. Didn't happen. But only two non-critical books after this, so hopefully by Monday? Eep. I think my little art break is probably just over -- pretty soon now I'm going to need to go to all-reading, all the time. I see coffee in my future -- I don't think tea is going to cut it. Finish reading by Monday, take a few days to review notes, and then dive into the criticism by oh, Thursday or Friday? We'll see.

I did take a break to put on nail polish, in a dark purple-mauve shade. A sad substitution for what I really want to do, which is paint entire walls of this apartment. (I'm thinking a sort of dark sage green for the wall in the tv room that my couch rests against...) But nail polish will have to do for now. It's odd, trying to type with still-wet nails. Never done that before. I'm so much more of a girly-girl than I used to be (I *lived* in jeans in college), but this is new for me. Fun, though. I even gave myself a ninety-nine cent facial peel (found at Walgreens) earlier today. Great avoidance behavior. And actually not so time-consuming -- two minutes to apply, and then the stuff just sits on your face until dry, so it doesn't interfere with reading at all. Peeling it off is fun -- sort of like peeling glue off your fingers. :-)

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