I’m a little more than…

I'm a little more than halfway through the Dinesen; I expect to be finished with it around 1-ish. That is, if I can keep from abandoning it to go futz with art stuff. The apartment looks very different now than it does when Kevin is here -- in some sense, it's very clean, because I tend to put things away as I use them, because it's such a pleasure to know that no one else will come along and mess them up. I live very neatly when I live alone; it's only when there are other people around that it all goes to wrack and ruin. But at the same time, it's quite cluttered -- several surfaces are covered with art supplies, because I can work better on the collages, especially, if I have all the potential materials out where I can see them, where my eye can roam over the possibilities, and then reach them easily. I do this to a lesser extent with Kevin here, when I'm making art, but I always feel obscurely guilty for the clutter, though he rarely complains.

What I really want is a studio, I think. One large room, with long tables lining the walls, huge windows full of sunlight, rows of plants along the windowsills. An open space in the center for laying out large projects. A single chair that can be tucked under a table. My laptop and printer in a shaded corner. Much like my sunroom in Utah, actually, but bigger. And with doors that I can close, hiding the cluttered surfaces within from Kevin and from guests. That would be lovely. Not necessary, but oh, so nice.

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