On the no fun for me but…

On the no fun for me but great for her news front, Roshani got her top choice, Milwaukee Children's Hospital! So she'll be starting her residency there in June. Eep! It's only an hour and a half away, but still. I'm going to miss her like crazy, but I'm so proud of her being so smart and competent and fabulous. Yay!

I took her out for high tea to celebrate, at the Walnut Room at Marshall Fields. To be honest, not the best high tea I've ever had (both Tea and Sympathy and this little place in San Carlos were better), but adequate, and it was lovely to be decadent and celebratory there. Afterwards, I bought my sister some presents, including guides to Chicago (Saturday is her birthday, so she gets double presents) and then we came back here for a little more chatting over the logistics before Roshani went home. There's a lot for her to figure out, poor munchkin. But it'll all work out good in the end, I'm sure. She's a doctor now! Dr. Roshani!

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  1. Remind me next time you’re in Madison: there’s a lovely little place that does high tea: cucumber sandwiches and all. I thought of you when I first saw it and have been meaning to take you there ever since.

  2. Unless there’s a deep, mystical need to keep the location a secret, please post the name and address of the tea place in Madison — cause it’s not like there isn’t already too much to do over Wiscon weekend…

  3. Heather, I don’t remember the name of the tea place. I tried looking it up but can’t find it listed. However, I know exactly where it’s located and how to get there. So when you’re here, I can draw you a little map… or take you there myself (because there isn’t already too much to do over Wiscon weekend).

  4. heather - that is, heather w

    based on the occasional references in Mary Anne’s journal to a heather that’s not me, I suspect I’m not the heather you think I am. But I’ll still take you up on the map offer!

    heather in portland

  5. Clearing up the Heathers — there’s Heather Shaw, who lives in the Bay Area, and who Karen already knows. Is Heather W. Heather Whipple, of Broad Universe and other sf things? Or another Heather altogether?

  6. heather of other things

    All the comments from heather in this particular thread (so far) are from the broad universe heather, yes.

  7. Oh — well, I’ll try to find the name and address of the tea place sometime when I’m driving near that area, and will tell them to you. You might want to remind me as WisCon approaches…

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