how should i…

how should i protest?

and see -- it's growing dark. the west
has lost its shining sun; the stars
are thickly clouded, dim at best.

the cities burn, the dispossessed
give up their will, and all their hope
rests in the hands of those obsessed.

we are so small, and each attest
what cannot be denied: our loves
surpass the others' loves, when pressed.

and all i ask are quiet nights of rest,
my arms around your solid body,
my head against your breathing chest.

9 thoughts on “how should i…”

  1. Amen, to Vera’s comment. It doesn’t have a false moment. Extraordinary movement to a wonderful conclusion. I printed it off immediately to give to some special girls in my classes. Bravo, MA!

  2. No, don’t tweak it! 🙂 It really is perfect as is.

    May I please re-post the poem (with attribution, of course) in my online journal, in my next update entry?



  3. I did go back and change it slightly, but just the punctuation, to clarify. I think I’ll leave it alone now.

  4. Since a few people have asked, I’ll note that anyone at all has permission to forward this poem, print it and hand it out, whatever, as long as they leave the attribution intact (or more accurately, put one in there) and don’t make any money off it.

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