Two exciting things. …

Two exciting things. I've been told that I can now announce our selection for the Tiptree Award! It is, in fact, selections -- we're giving the award this year to two titles: M. John Harrison's Light, and John Kessel's "Stories for Men." Yay! Enjoy! (But I'll warn you, the Harrison is quite a disturbing book, and the Kessel isn't all sunshine and flowers either.)

And in Camelot news, the remote ftp is up and working dandy. So if you're a) working on writing these, b) know how to use ftp, c) know how to edit html files, then d) you can write to me and I will send you the login and password info. You can even create new files if you solemnly promise to use the formatting we're already using (there's a template file, called temp, that you can use as a base model). However, I would ask that you only make changes to files for your character please (and definitely *not* the main page file), and let me know when you have a new diary ready to be linked off the main page, so that I can a) check over your work and make sure all the links work and the style is consistent, b) edit the main page, and then c) announce it here. :-) Yay, ftp! Yay, Jed!

Okay, now Thackeray, really. I hope this book is more entertaining than the last...

6 thoughts on “Two exciting things. …”

  1. Disraeli never wrote anything that wasn’t a trudge, but Vanity Fair is a hoot from first to last. You will love it, but don’t take Becky Sharp as your model. One of the great women of English literature.

  2. Wow – have you notified Kessel and Harrison? Great news! Kessel was one of my writing profs at NC State, and was also a Clarion teacher.

    Oh, and could you email me the FTP info? Thanks!

  3. Very cool, but I noticed in looking for the Harrison book, it does not appear to be available here in the US, just in the UK.

    It seems, of late, that many great books either do not make it here in the states, or are mangled when they do finally get here (Mary Gentle’s Ash: A Secret History – 1100 pages in the UK, four small pulp looking paperbacks here).

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