Silly, silly story by…

Silly, silly story by Jennifer Pelland up at Strange Horizons this week. If you've been enjoying snow and cold weather (it was 5 degrees out when I got up this morning, sigh), then you may have an extra special appreciation for "Snow Day." And while you're there, don't forget to vote (only if you haven't voted yet! :-) We've got close to a hundred votes now, but there's three more weeks of the contest to run, and I want more, more, more votes. Remember, you only need to vote in the categories you want to!

I'm deep in Cooper now, and I should get back to him. I took a short break last night to go to a play with Kevin; Dinner with Friends, playing at the Goodman. It was quite good, actually; I think the dialogue could have been tightened up at various points, but overall, it made me think, and was also often funny. If you're in Chicago, you might want to check it out.

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