Day 1 Foster-father…

Day 1

Foster-father suggested keep diary. Diaries for girls. Not going to bother. Nothing ever happens here anyway.
Stupid forest.

Day 2

Foster-brother Kay gets to fight in big tournament; gets shiny new sword. Foster-father says I'm too young for a sword.
Stupid Kay. Stupid swords.

Day 3

Strange old man shows up, says I'm going to be king. Yeah, right. Claims to be a wizard, wants to show me his staff. Perv. If I'm too young for a sword, I'm too young for him. Bugger off, old man. Kay will kill you if you try anything.

Day 4

Dragged along to tournament in Camelot. They only want me to polish Kay's armor. Stupid tournament. Stupid Camelot.
Old man sneaking along behind us. Don't know why he bothers -- still not king. Not bloody likely to become king, either.

Day 5

Kay forgot sword. Sent me home to get sword, but found shiny sword, even bigger and sharper, stuck in grungy old stone. Yanked sword out -- Kay will never know the difference. Kay is pretty, but dumb as a post.

Day 6

Never heard that yanking a sword out of a stone made someone king, but not going to point that out now, am I?
Too excited to write more tonight! Big battle tomorrow!

Day 7

Battle over. Killed 6 knights. Big shiny sword apparently grants skill to twelve year old boy equivalent to grown man having trained for entire life. Lucky for me! Good to be king!
Exhausted. Must find tent.

Day 8

Girl in tent! Had sex with girl! Kay and the old man can go bugger themselves -- girl was amazing! No girl even smiled at me before -- becoming king must have made me irresistibly handsome. Best-looking knight in kingdom! And king!
Yay, being king!

Day 9

Old man showed up again. Everyone knows him -- apparently big famous wizard, Merlin. Says girl was my sister, Morgause. Didn't even knew I had a sister. Yuck. Also says she's going to have my baby. Double yuck. Babies disgusting.
Luckily, plenty of non-sibling girls around who also seem to find me irresistibly attractive, not to mention a few boys and even some of the knights. Too late to do anything about sister now. Might as well enjoy being king. Yay, king!

[to be continued, a few years later]

18 thoughts on “Day 1 Foster-father…”

  1. I think it all works!

    (Ha ha — Mary Anne has snuck in and edited this comment, the clever witch… It’s good to be king!)

  2. nice comment arena.

    as a note on the entry — I like what you are doing but arthur seems to speak like a “caveman”. why does his vocab omit so many articles?

  3. Hey, Ericka. Welcome! Re: your question on Arthur’s vocab, I was trying to use the style of the VSD’s, which are based on the style of Bridget Jones’s Diary — I think the idea is that it’s such a private diary that the writer got to skip all the unnecessary words. *They* know what they mean, after all. And it’s kind of fun to do. 🙂

  4. You’re doing a nice job with being funny, Mary Anne! I LOVE the similarities between Merlin and Gandalf from the LotR VSDs. 🙂

    Can’t wait for the Questing Beast to get to Camelot… Perhaps it will be tonight? Prithee???

  5. Thanks Jennifer, Mike! 🙂 I’ll write another one soon, I think. Just trying to decide what time period to cover…

  6. Oh Mary Anne, finally you got these comments thingie…. So happy to see them. 🙂

    If an 18-yr old from faraway India posts something, would you like it, or will it be an intrusion 😉

  7. Merlin thing was kinda sick, but still funny. I like it, good satire. I like the “Caveman” style, too. It makes him sound like a really bored teenager who barely took the time to jot something down.

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