Does it count as a fight…

Does it count as a fight if only one person gets mad? How about if that person isn't really mad at you, but is actually starting to get really worried about her exams, and is displacing that anxiety by choosing to freak out about unresolved relationship stuff (stuff that *she* decided would be best left unresolved until after she passed her exams anyway) instead of dealing with the exam anxiety? What if she waits to spring this on you until after midnight, when you have to get up at 8 a.m. to teach a class? What if she keeps you up for over two hours with this nonsense, and keep in mind that by the end of it, she can't actually tell you what she was upset about to begin with? If you actually (heroically) manage to stay calm, friendly, and comforting through all of that, then I suppose it doesn't exactly count as a fight, does it? But it sure can't have been much fun. Especially when you got up at 8 and went to class, leaving her peacefully sleeping in bed (which she did for another two hours, waking up relatively cheerful and not too tired around 10).

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