Picked up on the net: …

Picked up on the net: "This probably isn't news to real fans, but I found out today that Studio Ghibli is about to commence work on an adaptation of [Diana Wynne Jones's] Howl's Moving Castle with Miyazaki directing. Head of animation will be Katsuya Kondou, who did Kiki's Delivery Service." Yay!

I've discovered that Jones's YA novels are perfect accompaniment for walking on the treadmill -- fast-paced action, and the print isn't too small for my eyes to focus on while I'm bouncing up and down (at a fast walk -- I'm not up to jogging or running yet).

It's still snowing -- lots last night, more to come. If it weren't for the gym, I'd just stay inside all day today, but I've been good so far (haven't missed a day since I got back), so I'm going to try to keep it up. No missing workout unless I'm actually sick. And a mild cough or a sniffle doesn't count. I've set an actual goal -- I'd like to be a size 8 again, the size I was in college. About 130 pounds, for my lack of height. I'm at 144 now. 14 to go. We'll see what happens.

Started another scarf last night, while watching tv, grays and greens, like the image in my head of Fangorn Forest. Spent a couple of hours talking to Karina before bed. Aside from all that, all I've been doing is reading. Finished Lady Mary Wortley, finished the Coleridge yesterday, started part II of Morte d'Arthur. Small print, many (500 or so) pages to go. But at least there's lots of smiting. I wish I understood the psychology of these books better. The rules whereby the knights decide who they're supposed to fight with are still somewhat opaque to me. I wonder if all the people who liked Fight Club would like this...

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