Sent out four pieces to…

Sent out four pieces to lit markets, yay! I'm particularly proud of this since I find submitting to them so depressing, since none of them have bought anything from me yet. All I ask is one little sale, just to keep my spirits up...

  • "Flowers and Branches" - McSweeney's
  • "A Gentle Man" - The Yale Review
  • "Sister Mary" - The Threepenny Review
  • "Monsoon Day" - The Kenyon Review
And still going strong with Tristram. If I go on like this, I should be done with it by noon tomorrow. It's really been an astonishingly productive week, here at Jed's. Usually when I stay with him, I end up gorging on comic books. Somehow, I've stayed focused this week, reading several long books, plowing through e-mail, catching up on subs. It must be the looming exam deadline; it won't allow my brain to relax too much.

I did buy a copy of Tamora Pierce's Cold Fire (a kids' book) a few days ago, and I read it greedily yesterday. Two delightful hours, which fortified me for my return to the 18th century today...

(8 journal entries today! Is that a record? Are you tired of me yet? :-)

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