Re: nonfiction markets: …

Re: nonfiction markets: Peg pointed me to Tin House, which in addition to having a nicely designed little web page, looks like a good nonfiction market. They're currently at fourth tier on my literary markets list -- a perfectly respectable place to be. Especially given how vague those tiers really are...

Nick adds several notes. He says that "The Voice does essays, but only very very rarely. Indeed, the last one I can think of was mine, about flaming people via email on the behalf of corporations, in Sept 2000. Does Shields do reportage? Competing alt. weekly the New York Press does though. Open City publishes essays occasionally and is well-respected. Literal Latte publishes essays with every issue. Not as well respected, but actually read (it is distributed for free in NYC, for sale elsewhere) and they pay. The Chattahoochee Review does too and is ridiculously well-respected."

I'm started to put together a submission priority list, yay! It looks something like this:

  • McSweeney's (both web and print versions accept e-mail subs)
  • Fourth Genre (reading period, starting 4/1)
  • Tin House
  • Conjunctions
  • Yale Review
  • The Chattachoochee Review
  • Threepenny Review
  • Creative Nonfiction
  • Salon
  • Open City
  • New York Press (not my style of writing, I think)
  • Literal Latte (not sure if this is appropriate to my purposes of academic credentialling?)
  • Salmagundi (out of Skidmore, no web page?)
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