It’s early. Is it…

It's early. Is it California, that makes me inclined to going to bed early and getting up early too? I didn't plan this. Or is it Kevin, who's been keeping me up late?

I don't particularly want to be awake yet. It's still dark outside. I climbed out of the covers long enough to grab my laptop and then snuggled back under them. Jed has a very warm guest duvet; it's easy to stay under it all day. I don't want to turn the lights on; I think I'll probably go back to Mike's novel (which I'm reading as a PDF) when I'm done with this entry. It's pleasant, having a laptop under the covers with you. Comforting, somehow.

Last night, had dinner with Arthur and Pam and Kam, fancy Italian food, very nummy. Trellis, in Menlo Park, I think. The conversation was delightful -- fun and bouncy and smart, covering a wide range of topics and periodically circling back to Pam's pregnancy. She's five months along; their first child. Arthur and I dated once, for a few months. It's surreal, thinking of him as a parent. They'll be very good at it, though, and they're clearly mostly thrilled and only a little terrified, which seem to me the correct proportions.

It was lovely seeing them again...and really happy-making, seeing what good parents my friends are making themselves into. Karen and Par, Roshani and Tom, Thida and Castor, Arthur and Pam, Ian and Ellie, Kate and Becca (whom I'm having dinner with tonight) -- they're all doing a splendid job with the parent thing, raising sane, cheerful children. And maybe that's 'cause it's still early days and it'll all go downhill at some point, but you know, I think not. They're smart, caring, affectionate people, all of them, and committed to being good parents. Their kids are lucky.

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