I just realized, when I…

I just realized, when I was listing all those parents in the earlier entry, I didn't list the kids! Which is unforgiveable. I need to keep better track of my (virtual) nieces and nephews. So let's see -- we have:

  • Kate and Becca: Gavin (9/7/99)
  • Ian and Ellie: Leo (born 6/1/00) and Theodore (Terry) (born late May or early June '02)
  • Roshani and Tom: Zoe (2+?)
  • Karen and Par: Jeremiah (born 1/15/01)
  • Thida and Castor: Kerensa (born 4/20/02)
  • Elissa and Bryan: Benjamin (born 8/10/02)
  • Heather's nephew: Aleister (born 12/17/02)
  • Arthur and Pam: as yet unnamed fetus (birth minus 4 months)
Clearly, I need all of the kids' birthdays too, so I can keep track of how old they are and send them age-appropriate books! I've been a big slacker on the whole Auntie Mary Anne thing, but I need to get on the ball now...

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