I did finish the…

I did finish the Fielding yesterday, only about an hour later than I'd hoped. Funny, but not particularly interesting to me overall. I should skim some crit of both the Richardson and the Fielding soon; maybe that will help.

I just couldn't bear to go directly to four hundred and fifty pages of Tristram Shandy, so I'm making a brief detour to the present day, reading David Shield's Enough About You: Adventures in Autobiography. So far, funny, but somewhat slight. I'm hoping that as the little mini-essays pile up, they'll add up to something more than their individual selves. The one about reading his girlfriend's journal in college was pretty interesting, though. That was a private journal -- I would think that someone could write a pretty decent essay about what it's like reading your partner's public weblog, especially if they talk about you and your relationship. Hmmm... if only Kevin wrote. :-)

Yesterday, worked all day, made curry for Jed, then we went out to see Daredevil. Fun, although there was one massive implausibility that could have easily been fixed by hitting Daredevil in the head with a brick; it annoys me that they didn't do that. Aside from that, dark, intense, sort of Crow-like. Worth seeing.

Today, reading reading reading. And an art gallery. Seems like a decent plan.

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