So, any of you know…

So, any of you know anything about burning and copying CD's in bulk?

For the academic conference we're putting on, I've been asked to handle the post-conference publication of all the papers on a CD. We have someone to design the label and cover; we have people to edit the papers together and present them in PDF format. What we don't have is a company to do the duplication and the assembly. I'm not entirely sure how many we'll be doing -- maybe 200 or 250 at most, I think. We could, in theory, assemble them ourselves, but I think we'll get more professional results if we pay a professional to do it. It'd be lovely to have them assembled and shrink-wrapped and all. And I *think* the budget will allow for it; we have about $1000 to spend, with more in the slush fund if necessary. So any recommendations for companies who do this sort of work? Anyone you've used and trusted?

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