I’m feeling very…

I'm feeling very cosseted right now. Jed picked me up at the airport last night, surprising me with flowers; he took me out for nummy Indian food and then we came back to his place where I collapsed -- it was late in Chicago. Not that I went to sleep immediately...it's awfully nice, having two sweeties to celebrate holidays with. :-)

I was having coffee with Roshani on Thursday and she was saying it wasn't fair, that I was going to have two Valentine's Day dinners. What could I say to her? Maybe it's time for her to talk her husband into opening up their marriage a little bit? :-) Not that I think she'd actually enjoy all the consequences of that...

But last night wasn't the end of the cosseting. I collapsed, as noted previously, and woke up this morning to find that Jed had plugged in my computer, rebooted it (I crashed it playing Sims on the plane), set it up to access his cable modem, and left me little notes about tea and such. So I've had a lovely languorous morning, checking e-mail, drinking tea and nibbling on toasted English muffins with curry -- pretty much an ideal breakfast, as far as I'm concerned. All it wants are some slices of mango...hmm...we should go get mango. You can probably get decent fruit in California at this time of year.

Plan for today -- finish reading Robinson Crusoe commentary, read another exam book, cuddle with Jed, maybe go to a party tonight. Sounds lovely. :-)

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