I’m thinking of having…

I'm thinking of having another naming contest. Yes, that means I have something else to name. But only in the very very potential tenative stage. It's not a book. It's not a magazine. It's not a small press. It's not a publishing house. What could it be? I'm not telling, not yet. Soon. It'll require more writing to explain than I can justify taking away from the very last scene which I really have to write and can't bring myself to do yet (though all the other edits are finished finished finished). You can amuse yourselves by guessing what it might be. If you already know (Susan, Jed, Karen, I think), no fair guessing. But as stated before, it's exceedingly tentative. I mostly want a name now so that I can a) register a domain and b) start discussing it by name, rather than as 'the vague idea I've been having about x'.

Did this make any sense at all?

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