Okay, here’s a question….

Okay, here's a question. Do any of you know Greek? Modern Greek, that is. I need a tiny bit of dialogue in Greek, ideally today, but within the next week or so. Here's where it would go:

Wendy actually blushes. "Well, they offered to pay for my rooms at the conference hotel. I told you that. But I just couldn't bring myself to stay there -- we'll be much more comfortable here. And I know the staff here...it's where I always stay."

"I see." And you do, as first the bellhops, then the concierge, then the elevator man all flirt outrageously with Wendy [insert some modern Greek flirting dialogue? Do I know anyone who knows Greek?]. You don't understand what they're saying, but the intent is clear. They all want her, which is nice for her, but uncomfortable for you. You can't blame them, though -- Wendy's looking stunning, in a slim white dress and white sandals -- perfect for the weather, which the concierge informs you is unseasonably warm. It feels like it's almost seventy degrees; if it stays like this, you won't be needing the sweaters you packed.

All I need is something like, "Hey, good looking!" and "Hey, Stavros. It's good to see you again..." But in Greek. Help?

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