There’s a light at the…

There's a light at the end of the tunnel. I've just done semi-final edits up through page 50. The goal is to finish off several storylines today and send them out to the actual line editor -- the dom/sub storyline, the Long Island amateur porn storyline, and the Belinda storyline. I think I'm almost ready to send those off, actually. Then I draft the last few pages of the romantic storyline, with the trip to Greece and the explosive scene in the hotel, plus the return to the Halloween party. With any luck, that can go off to the line editor too.

Tomorrow, we follow the other Wendy threads and sort them out, once and for all, plus the Sarah and Ruth storylines (and the Asian med student in the library). By the end of the day tomorrow, everything should be out to the line editor. We hope.

Cross your fingers for me, people.

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