Strange Horizons appears…

Strange Horizons appears to be having an unusually busy week -- higher readership across the board, but with no obvious link driving the extra traffic. I think it's the cold weather -- everyone's spending more time online, because it's too cold to go outside.

But maybe that's just Chicago.

Waiting for my tea to steep, and then I dive into the last batch of line edits. I'm hoping to finish them by noonish, actually, which may be a bit over-ambitious. But the idea is that after I finish them, I do an overall coherence/consistency check. This involves putting the whole manuscript in underline or something, and then going through and removing the underline page by page, as I follow the links. That'll serve two purposes -- as I go, I'll also be reading and seeing if there are any pacing, etc. problems. And when I finish, if there's anything still underlined, then that's probably a leftover from some path which got cut, which should now also be cut. I'm actually hoping to find some of those, because we're now right around 62,000 words, which means if Duncan feels I need to expand any scenes, I'll have to cut other scenes to make the room. And I don't wanna cut scenes!

(Duncan also likes some storylines less than I do, so I know which ones will get cut. Sadness.)

I'm also hoping to finish early in part so that I can spend some time doing goofy art stuff with my sister this afternoon. She wants to learn how to make those glass poetry coaster things. She's decided that if she ever gets married, she wants to give those out as the wedding favors, with a different line of love poetry on each one. Personal, hand-made, and usable gifts. I like the idea. They're pretty cheap to make, too -- about $2/coaster, and if you got them in bigger bulk, you could probably do it for less. Of course, then you need a passle of friends to sit and assemble coasters with you...

I've been forbidden from doing this at my own wedding, by the way, should such an eventuality ever occur, because this was *her* idea. But since she doesn't actually know any of y'all, y'all should feel free to steal the idea, should you be getting married at some point in the future. :-)

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