Finished the line edits….

Finished the line edits. Finished the coherence check. Didn't actually finish the draft, because there's at least 6-10 new pages left to write, and I just ran out of steam. So instead, my sister and I went to the grocery store; we were running out of almost everything, plus she's cooking dinner for me and Kev and Romi and Nimmi and Ann tonight. Yum. I might make dessert. We have apples to use up. And chocolate. I wonder if Epicurious knows any good combinations for apples and chocolate. I'll have to go look. If not, I'll probably just make apple crisp -- it's a standby cold weather dessert.

We got a new bookshelf delivered today. I don't have much to say about it, but I felt I should note the event, since it was an exciting part of my day.

Tomorrow, Mirna and I drive up for lunch with Karen! Woohoo! This isn't entirely out of the blue -- on the way back, we'll stop by Freeport, Wisconsin to visit some more of my cousins. Yes, I have lots of cousins. Lots and lots and lots. Twenty-two first cousins at last count, I think, plus two cousins-once-removed (the children of the Freeport cousin, who is the only one older than me).

Okie, I go look at recipes now. And then put books on the new bookshelf. Later, munchkins.

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