A bit of nice news — in…

A bit of nice news -- in the mail today came a copy of The Best American Erotica 2003. And I was confused, because a) I don't have a story in it, and b) I didn't buy a copy. But it turns out that Susie's included a Best 100 Erotica Stories of the Last Ten Years of BAE list (as selected by her readers), and my story "Fleeing Gods" made the cut, at #46.

That's not as impressive as it sounds, I think. Let's say 25 stories per year, for the nine previous years, that's 225 stories. #46 out of 225 or so. And I think the earlier volumes had fewer than 25 stories per issue. More like 20. So #46 out of 200, which is like #23 out of 100, which is like the 77th percentile, which would be really sad if this were the MCAT and you were trying to get into med school. You would be screwed. As I've learned in conversations with Mirna and Nimmi in the last few days. It's quite hard to get into med school.

Really, it's mostly just nice that people voted for my story -- for it to make the list at all, that meant it was someone's favorite. A couple of people's favorite, even. That's nice.

And I'm glad I'm trying to be a writer, instead of a doctor.

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