Morning, munchkins. …

Morning, munchkins. Sorry for the brief entries lately; it hasn't been an awful cold, but it has made me somewhat lethargic. Feeling better now -- not entirely well, but the nasty throat thing has disappeared.

Today's for alternating cooking and writing. I need to draft a tiny bit more of new stuff for Classics, plus get started on Duncan's line edits. The cooking's for tomorrow -- Roshani and her siblings are coming by for dinner with me and my sister on Sunday. Romi and Nimmi (cousins) might make it too. Mirna's arriving at 5 p.m. today; around 3:30, I'll take the train out to O'Hare to meet her. I could drive, but it's snowing heavily, and I'm still not such a good driver. The roads will be slow anyway. So I'll read on the train, and talk to her on the way back. It'll be good. I think we'll probably go out for Greek food tonight.

I also plan to do a little Tiptree reading; I do have some of the stories I need to read. Pleasant Saturday, I think.

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